pipeline safety

Safety ManualApplied Consultants, Inc. is committed to an accident free environment for all employees. We continually provide the leadership and training needed to eliminate unsafe behaviors and working conditions. We strongly believe all accidents can be prevented and it is every employee’s responsibility to prevent accidents. Applied Consultants, Inc. Safety Policy is available for customer review.


Applied Consultants, Inc. is a member of a consortium administered by Drug and Alcohol Testing of East Texas. All employees are pre-employment and post accident tested, with quarterly random testing performed. All positive and false positive results are reviewed by a medical review officer.Applied Consultants, Inc. anti-drug plan meets the Research and Special Programs Administration, Drug testing Regulations, as set for in 49 CFR Part 199 and the Department of Transportation, Procedures for Transportation Workplace Drug Testing Programs as set forth in 49 CFR Part 40. 


In order to meet the diverse needs of our customers, Applied Consultants, Inc. has developed an Operator Qualification Plan. This plan complies with the Department of Transportation (DOT) Office of Pipeline Safety Operations Qualifications Rule, 49 CFR Subpart N and 195 Subpart G, Qualification of Pipeline Personnel. Personnel qualified under this plan must be experienced in the appropriate task(s) then pass an exam for each covered task. Applied Consultants has contracted with various firms for web-based, written or observed training. This plan is available for customer review.  

Applied Consultants depends on PEC to provide our employees with APECstandardized training programs and contractor evaluation processes ensuring quality control and minimizing risks that an Operator is exposed to when using Contractors. We strive to minimize unnecessary duplication of efforts while ultimately making the workplace a safer environment.  

ISNetworld is a database for connecting corporations with safe, reliable contractors/suppliersISnet from other industries. ISN collects self-reported conformance information from contractors/suppliers, verifies its accuracy, and then reports the results to allow corporations to select those resources that best meet internal and governmental requirements. While striving to provide superior services to those connected with Applied Consultants, it is our obligation to keep our account at an excellent status in order to stay compliant with our clients and future clients.   

Applied Consultants assures that their quality innovative solutions Veriforceare up to date by managing their unique requirements quickly and effectively by providing our employees with training through Veriforce.

In order for Applied Consultant’s to maintain a safe, productive, and NCCERsustainable workforce of craft professionals, we must make sure our employees obtain credentials from NCCER which allows organizations and companies to track the qualifications of our their craft professionals and/or check the qualifications of possible new hires all while maintaining these records in a secure database.

Below you will find topics to help create a safe work environment and tips to help keep yourself and others safe from injury. Also below you will find our link “Applied Consultants, Inc. Online Training” where employees will have access to some of the most current online safety training. Please visit Applied Consultants’ website regularly to view updated safety issues as well as different topics related to too our industry and to help identify potential risks that may be involved.