Insurance Benefit FAQs

1. When am I eligible for my insurance benefits?
New employees become eligible for benefits the first of the month following 60 days from date of hire.
2. When can I enroll in my insurance benefits?

You can enroll any time before eligibility date. (Please allow 2 weeks from date of new hire to be sure your information is available in benefit portal).

4. How do I know my Employer ID, User Name, and Password?

Employer ID: APCO1449 (ID needed if open prompt only.)
Username: First 6 letters of your last name & the last 4 digits of your social (no spaces/no hyphens)
Password: Last 4 digits of Social
After first login, you will be prompted to create a new password. If you have previously logged in, you will need to utilize the “Forgot User…” link on site.

5. Can I make any changes to my insurance benefits at any time?

Make your elections carefully since changes in your enrollment can only be made during your initial eligibility period, Open Enrollment and within 31 days of a Qualified Life Event. The following is a list of Qualifying Life Events:

  • Change in legal marital status
  • Birth, legal adoption (or placement for adoption), legal guardianship, court or administrative order—addition of a child
  • Dependent loses eligibility due to age
  • A dependent’s change in eligibility (e.g., loss of health coverage outside of Applied Consultants) 
  • A change in your spouse’s employment status affecting eligibility for coverage
  • Death of a dependent
  • Change in your employment status that affects eligibility for benefits
  • Change of Residence (outside of coverage network)

If coverage is lost under Medicaid or a State Children’s Health Insurance Program (S-Chip) or if you, your spouse/domestic partner, or eligible dependent child becomes eligible for state-provided premium assistance, you must make a change to your coverage within 60 days of the qualified life event.

6. What if I missed my enrollment deadline?

If you are still within 30 days past effective date, enrollment is possible. Please contact Applied's Benefit Coordinator to enroll you as portal will not allow elections by employee past effective date. Please note that original effective date will stand and any missed payroll deductions will be withheld the following payroll.

7. What if I have not received or lost my medical insurance card?
8. What if I have not received or lost my dental insurance card?
9. What if I have not received or lost my vision insurance card?
10. What options do I have if I terminate my employment with Applied Consultants?

You will receive a COBRA information email from Applied's Benefit Dept at benefit termination. If you are aware of upcoming separation of employment & have urgent request, please reach out to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call our office, 903-643-0956.

11. Can I participate in Applied's plan if I am currently covered under Medicare?

Yes, you can participate in both plans. In this situation, Applied Consultants' plan will be your "primary" insurance policy and Medicare will be "secondary".

401K FAQs

1. When can I enroll as a new hire?
Eligiblity periods are January 1 & July 1 following 90 days of continued employment. Active employment is required.
2. What if I am a rehire--do I have to start over with waiting period?

If you are a rehire and have already met the eligibility period, you may enroll immediately. Please contact Applied's Benefit Dept so that we may expedite the process.

3. Will Applied match my contributions?

Applied will match up to 4% of your taxable income (on a per payroll basis).

4. What if I am a rehire and was contributing prior to my separation date with Applied?

Please log into NWPS’ online portal to select your deferral (pre-tax &/or Roth). Please contact Applied’s Benefit Dept so that we may expedite your portal access.

5. Is there a waiting period before being fully vested?

No, you are fully invested from day 1.

6. Is there a maximum amount that I can invest per year?

Federal Law limits the amount you may elect to defer. For 2023, the pre-tax deferral and/or Roth contribution limit is $22,500. However, if you are age 50 or over, you may defer an additional amount, called a "Catch-up Contribution", of up to $7,500.

7. Can I change or suspend my deferrals at any time?

You can change or suspend deferrals at any time by logging onto the online portal. Please note that weekly changes are reported to Applied each Friday morning and will take effect on the following payroll.

8. What is my login information for NWPS (North West Plan Services)?
  • 1st time user login credential –
    User ID: your Social Security Number with no dashes
    Password: last four digits of your Social Security Number

  • Forgotten Login –
    For your security, Applied does not have access to your login information. You will need to click the “Forgot User…” link on site.