Injury / Incident Reporting Policy

In the event of an incident/injury, the following steps/policies/procedures should be followed according to the Applied Safety Manual (pocket sized & issued to all Applied employees).

If employee is conscious & injury is non‐life threatening, the Applied Consultants corporate office should be contacted immediately at 903‐643‐0956. If employee is unconscious or injury is life‐threatening, contact 911. Applied Consultants should then be contacted by witness, supervisor &/or client rep to further proceed.

  • All work‐related injuries or illnesses must be reported immediately. This includes first aid (minor injury) incidents. “Immediately” is defined as within 1 hour of the incident.
  • Any vehicle‐ and/or equipment‐related incident must be reported immediately.
  • Any injury that occurred off the job and could result in lost work time must be reported to his/her direct supervisor and Applied’s corporate office as soon as possible and no later than two hours prior to the next work shift.
  • All near‐misses must be reported to the Client before the end of the shift in which they occurred; near‐misses will be documented on a Near Miss report, if applicable on client’s Near Miss Report. Near‐misses will be discussed with all employees during the next safety meeting. (Applied’s Safety Dept. should be copied on any reports/correspondence.
  • Applied Consultants employees will follow all client rules and policy recommendations. When there is an absence of these rules, Applied Consultants will set the high safety standard and inform management of this lack of safety initiatives.

In the event of ongoing case management, Applied Consultants will communicate directly with employee & keep client informed of changes.

To maintain a safe and healthy campus/work environment, a thorough accident investigation should be undertaken as soon as practical after an accident or incident in order to initiate and support corrective and/or preventive actions.

The Accident/Incident Report and Investigation Form should be completed by the employee’s supervisor with the employee. The report requires the signature of the supervisor and employee. For accidents/Incidents which require medical attention, or lost or restricted work, the report must be signed by the Divisional Vice President. Completed reports are to be sent to Applied’s Safety Department. (HR should be copied on all injury reporting.)

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