Take a moment for Christmas safety

“Merry Christmas” everyone. Christmas is here in a few short weeks and there are lots of activities going on which can act as distractions to our work. “Did that present we order arrive on time?” “Did we forget to invite anyone to Christmas dinner?” “What was I supposed to bring to that Christmas party?”

It is a challenge to stay focused at work during this time of year. So, this is when it is especially important to take four seconds for safety. When you find yourself working away and your thoughts running wild with all the plans and activities of Christmas, STOP, take those four short seconds to look around and come back to the present moment. Look for a hazard in the middle of your activity. Are you standing on a ladder? Are you in an awkward position or about to trip on something lying on the ground? Hazards do not go away. Only our awareness of the hazards goes away. And when we ignore hazards, we tend to get injured.

Christmas injuries tend put extra stress on everyone. Imagine yourself sitting around the Christmas table in a leg cast because you fell off a ladder or tripped over something loose on a muddy matt. Unfortunately, these stories are more common than all of us might admit. Injuries at Christmas seem to magnify how many people are affected by an injury to one person. How many people count on you each day to bring home the bacon or just come home safely? If you add them all up, you might be very surprised.

Taking four seconds for safety may seem unimportant to you yet it is the one activity, the one action you might take during a busy and distracted day which will have the most benefit in keeping you and others around you safe. Think of it as your Christmas present to yourself and the folks you work with. In fact, you can think of each of those people who would be affected by an injury to you every time you take four seconds to refocus.

Think about this when you are about to drive away to some gathering this Christmas. The noise, the excitement, the distraction! Take a moment, take a big breath, count slowly to four, then drive away. Chances are that you will arrive safely once you focus for those four seconds.

 November Near Misses

A welder helper was operating a grinder with a wire wheel without his shirt tails tucked in. Work was stopped.

The importance of tucking in his shirt due to the dangers of the shirt tail getting caught into the wires of the wheel were explained. The issue was covered at the next tailgate safety meeting as well.

The contractor was trying to lay main line pipe with muddy and slick conditions on the ROW. Due to the muddy conditions the day after a rain out, a welder almost slid into a skid set with potential to knock the pipe off the skids with workers near the pipe.

The foreman stopped what they were doing and had a meeting to discuss what had happened. He told the employees to take extra caution, watch out for each other and to slow down because we were not in a hurry and didn’t want anyone to get hurt. They resumed work and had a safe and productive day.

The contractor was using a rock hammer on a track hoe excavating a trench. This was adjacent to where conduit was being placed in the trench by about 15 feet.

We stopped work on both crews and reviewed JSA's. SIMOPS was not discussed on either JSA and crews had not exchanged information. We held a tailgate meeting and addressed with both crews the importance of SIMOPS and conveying the hazards with other crews. Crews separated themselves from the hazards and work continued.

An employee almost backed into a t-post. I got his attention and stopped him.

We reminded everyone to have spotters at the safety meeting.

A contractor attempted to operate a man lift without a fall protection harness.

We performed a stand down meeting to reiterate the absolute requirement for harnesses to be worn and secured to a D-Ring prior to starting the man lift.

The contractor was burning brush in a burn pit approximately 12’ deep when around 2:30 PM an ember blew into their trash trailer and a piece of trash started smoldering. The fire watch immediately noticed it and put it out with their water wagon. The trash trailer was located approximately 100’ south of the burn pit. Originally, the pit was set up for a south wind with their dirt barrier built on the north side of the pit. Sometime after lunch the wind switched out of the north causing the embers to start blowing in a southerly direction. Due to the fire watch’s attentiveness and the contractor having the right tools for the job (water wagon, fire extinguisher), a fire was prevented as it was extinguished immediately.

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Silver Jerry Lloyd
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