New Engagement with Axiom Medical

We are excited to announce that we have engaged with Axiom Medical to supply initial medical treatment and services. If you have an urgent critical medical incident dial 911 immediately, otherwise contact Axiom Medical at (877) 502-9466 for initial treatment protocol. Then contact your safety director, Dusty Flanagan at 903-643-0956 (office) or 903-658-1328 (cell). Applied & Axiom Medical will work together to provide the best care for your injury.

For More information on what Axiom is and how it works please log into Applied Safety Training Portal to complete the informational slide show or watch the video below.

January Near Misses

A welder taking a weld test was using a grinder with a cutting wheel, but without a guard on it. The cutting wheel he was using was a 6" wheel on a 4" grinder.

Work was stopped and the welder was informed that the cutting wheel needs to have a guard regardless of the size of cutting wheel, and the cutting wheel needs to be rated for the RPMs of the grinder.

A track hoe operator was mobilizing down ROW, in the process he did not notice that his boom was getting dangerously close to some overhead power lines.

His swamper saw the situation playing out, and used Stop Work authority to stop the hoe, and make the situation safe again.

Using ratchet straps to pull together fiberglass joints and crew members were observed putting their hand between pipe and ratchet strap to steady it. Potential for hand to be crushed.

Assessed the situation and came up with a better place to position hand with no potential for injury.

Trenched for conduits and placed conduit, back fill and compaction went well. Trenching produced softball size rocks and when spoils were being loaded and removed from the job some had been scattered by the equipment. Operator stopped equipment and was climbing down off of equipment and reached the ground safely. Turned around to walk over to get some items out of his pickup, stepped on a rock causing him to loose balance and fall landing on some of the rocks bruising him in a couple of places. Stopped work and gathered everyone and reviewed JSA. JSA had stated walking working surface hazards.

Discussed what had happened, and discussed solutions. Solutions were when items such as the rocks were produced, they would be kept piled up in a location, barricaded if necessary and when rocks roll and stray away from intended area that we would stop work if necessary and perform housekeeping to keep hazards contained.

A contractor was about 3 feet from backing a trailer into the office. No spotter was helping the driver backing up.

Shut them down and had a discussion with the owner of the company and the employee.

Electric cord insulation separated from plug end.

Cord removed from service and red tagged. Ground rod to wire connection lacked sufficient clamp. Correct clamp installed.

We are pleased to announce that we have partnered up with Boot Barn to offer all Applied Consultants inspectors a 15% discount on all purchases “work related” from the Boot Barn, Nation Wide. Be sure to tell them you work for Applied Consultants and use the key word: “Safety First” to receive the discount. 

API1169 Test Dates:

April 10 - 24, 2020
Registration Deadline: February 7th, 2020

August 14 - 28, 2020
Registration Deadline: July 12th, 2020

December 4 - 18, 2020
Registration Deadline: October 2nd, 2020

January Winners

Bronze - Craig Rawle
Bronze - Curtis Parr
Bronze - Dodie Atwood
Silver - Mark Bahn
Gold - Kris Haraldson
Platinum - David Smith


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