MEMO TO: All Employees of Eagle Infrastructure, Inc. and its Family of Companies

March Near Misses

Crew was using a nylon belt with outer layer frayed and internal cords were visible. As tractor was tensioning belt crew member noticed and asked if the belt was bad.

Stopped work and pulled belt out of service. Showed crew belt and what was damaged. Pointed out crew member noticed and how important everyone has obligation to keep safety most important aspect of worksite.

Observed a laborer using a tag line while unloading pipe. What was observed was that the tag line was wrapped around his hands.

I stopped the work. Pipe was lowered and had a conversation with the foreman and all the laborers about using the tagline properly. I was also discussed in the Monday morning all hands meeting.

An operator was moving a Marooka Buggy one morning when the outside air temperature was approximately 10 degrees. This incident occurred very shortly after work started for the day. The Marooka steers by braking and skidding one track. This buggy is old enough the steering linkage is mechanical. The operator made a slight course correction, as he did so the steering linkage inside the units cowling broke. This left the buggy in a hard right turn with no way to stop the turn. Before the operator could get the machine shut down it struck the site perimeter fence. The operator was able to shut the machine down and stop all movement of the vehicle. One post and a section of top rail on the fence were damaged. Had the machine been in a tight area with personnel when this happened the result could have been much different?

Considerable discussions were had with all the contractors’ employees about working around heavy equipment, situational awareness, pinch points, and equipment inspections. Discussions were held about never assume a piece of equipment is going to do what you have in mind. Stay alert.

While an operator was helping to move and set up pipe for welders in the designated fab area it was noticed the spotter had not properly attached the lifting devise for the forklift. He had not inserted the safety pins nor did the safety chain that attaches to the frame or mast.

We stopped what they were doing have a conversation about paying attention to what you are doing and not trying to take short cuts. They hooked the devise properly and resumed work.

While opening a fence gap, one of the laborers put too much stress on the main post snapping it in half. This caused the gap to spring backward at a high rate of speed.

Luckily nobody was injured and the gap was repaired.

Failure to control traffic on county road. Contractor proceeded to unload a track hoe on county road without flaggers. Work was stopped and after mentioning to the foreman on site the need to have traffic control personnel they placed two flaggers with stop signs at each side of the equipment to stop traffic. Contractor will have flaggers every time they block the roads for anything.

Joint of pipe was rigged with stringing cables that were too short putting the fleet angle at 10 degrees. This caused the cables to be overloaded by 4080 pounds.

Job was stopped. Held a stand down meeting with the crew and explained how to calculate sling angle and how to calculate actual load on at that angle.

We are pleased to announce that we have partnered up with Boot Barn to offer all Applied Consultants inspectors a 15% discount on all purchases “work related” from the Boot Barn, Nation Wide. Be sure to tell them you work for Applied Consultants and use the key word: “Safety First” to receive the discount. 

API1169 Test Dates:

NOTICE:  Prometric has closed most testing sites until April 17th.  Due to these closures, API has extended this testing window until May 17th.  Please check their websites for further instructions.

April 10 - 24, 2020
Registration Deadline: February 7th, 2020

August 14 - 28, 2020
Registration Deadline: July 12th, 2020

December 4 - 18, 2020
Registration Deadline: October 2nd, 2020

March Winners

Bronze Felipe Baez
Silver Les Strickland
Gold Daniel Breaux


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